October 9, 2017

Making a Positive Impact

Making a positive impact is one of the best ways to do good.  The people at South Oaks Baptist Church, in Arlington TX, knew that when they “adopted” RF Patterson Elementary School.  On September 22nd, 2017, members of the congregation got together to show the staff and teachers just how much they meant to the community with a huge barbecue. 

“It was a very nice time,” said Leonard Loughner, church member and Cable Distribution Center Manager at Distributor Wire & Cable. “I didn’t get to meet everyone because they were eating in shifts but people were more than thankful for us cooking for them. One teacher said she has been working there for thirty years and no one has ever done anything like this for them in the past.”

Over sixty teachers and administrative staff were celebrated on this day, however Loughner and the other members at his church know that making an impact takes more than a cookout!  On a regular basis, church volunteers show up at the elementary school to help teachers and welcome the children in the morning.  They’ve also spent their time tutoring and being positive role models for those who need it.

Volunteering at a local school or showing your appreciation for teachers and staff can make an impact and it can make you feel good too. Take it from Loughner, “I’m hoping to be able to do this again and again.  It is just a little something to say thank you to teachers and the school for what they do on a daily basis.”


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